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Story Of A Photoshoot

With international travel to sunny climbs off the menu, our first shoot for Exeat was due to take place in April on a glamorous London tennis court.  The morning of, we awoke to a blanket of snow across the capital and quickly had to pivot  location to a studio.  

Second time lucky and wised-up to this inclement English spring, we were all set up to photograph Exeat's beautiful Nelson tennis dress in-doors on a grey Friday.  Come 5pm Thursday we realised there was going to be a sunny break in the weather (the only one for a month) and again found ourselves scrambling for a new location, this one finally, a tennis court. 

And what a court it was.  100 miles south west of London and nestled in Capability Brown park land overlooked by one of finest Palladian mansions in England, we’ll wager Pythouse Tennis Club is one of the most idyllic clubs in the country. 


And on that singularly sunny Friday afternoon, all-be-it not without incident (blustering gales, one broken camera and absolutely no telephone signal)… we finally got our shots. 

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