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Sustainable Fabric & Tailoring Magic

Since the '90s we've been on a quest to find the perfect LWTD (Little White Tennis Dress) - all the playful polish of 1970s Chris Evert united with the timeless chic of Grace Kelly at the Monte Carlo Country Club. 



Despite our enthusiastic hunt, practically every dress fell short of the mark: Flimsy fabric; lack-lustre pleats; bulky silhouettes; the bad kind of revealing - why was it so hard to find a dress with a decent fit? It puzzled us that beautiful womenswear was so underserved in a sport synonymous with style.



When we embarked on Exeat we wanted ultra flattering tennis dresses to become our signature, and spent three years developing our play-perfect tailored silhouettes. 


Placing equal emphasis on performance, style and fit we've created a suite of tailoring 'superpowers' that are the basis of our figure loving designs. Watch our film to find out more:


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